Like our first-born critter, Rainbow River, the crying unicorn, we’re what you might call, “unique.” We enjoy sarcasm and irony, off-color humor and questionable choices in home decor. We prefer to call them “conversation pieces.”
We like to laugh, even at shady stuff like a really depressed unicorn...
In short, we believe the purpose of life is to have fun. But we also know, not unlike our sad unicorn friend, sometimes people can use a little help finding their joy.
That's why we're proud to donate a portion of our sales proceeds to Project Happiness, an organization that provides people with tools to take charge of their own happiness. Because, fortunately, "happiness is a skill set that anyone can learn."
Thank you so much for your interest in our critters. We hope that in their own twisted way, they can help bring a smile to your face.
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